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Best Cheap Humidor And Cigar Cutter

In my cigar adventures online and in my personal life I am always looking for some awesome gear to use and keep with me. Nowadays one of the pattern that I have noticed the most is that a lot of vendors online import there items from china and pass them off as branded items.

I personally think it is a bit on a shady side but from reviews and a few purchases that I have made myself the products are of good quality.

I think is actually advantageous to customers because this no longer means that expensive stuff have to be bought for buyers of all kind there are more and more options available and because of competition everyone is upping each other on quality. It feels like the best mixture of globalization and capitalism.

The thing to remember when buying is that you won’t always get the best thing for the price and atleast 75% it will be bad quality. Which is why it is important to keep an eye out for original products when selecting tools.

Best Cheap Cigar Cutter

Alaska Bear - Cheap Cigar Cutter
Alaska Bear

If you are looking for something cheap, efficient and long lasting then Alaska bear has been loved many aficionados and continues to do so with its quality.

Priced under $10 it amazes me how well made and good quality it is, specially if you factor in shipping, importing, taxes etc.

The good part is it is not for you to worry about because you can get a good product for super cheap.

It has also been named the best cigar cutter in the budget by a couple of websites.


Best Cheap Cigar Humidor

A humidor is a very important part of a cigar smokers lifestyle and they also make for amazing gifts so if you are going to buy one for yourself or for somebody else atleast make it good quality.

But what if you don’t have the budget for it? I mean good humidors can go upwards of $100+ and it is not viable for everyone to have that kind of money.

Worry not bro, as said above a lot of good products can be bought for cheap and same goes for the best humidor.

This Manatello is currently best seller on amazon and rightfully so.

Interior made with Spanish cedar, scratch resistant and glass top just for $25 and under? You bet it is going to sell like hot cakes. Now don’t get me wrong just because it is offering all of that at a cheap price doesn’t make it good but read the reviews and you will learn that it is infact a great product.

Those were my two selections of the accessories that most people must have and I am sure you will love it too. Happy shopping.

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Cigar Boxes – Wood!

I started smoking cigars when I was in college. It was mainly to just fit in and enjoy the evenings with my buddy. Overtime I have come to enjoy this habit and it is part of my weekend relaxation time.

I am not addicted to it though even now I rarely have and as I said only when I really want to unwind on a weekend do I have it. The thing that I like the most about it is it’s complexity which comes with it’s accessories like humidors, cutters and lighters etc.

They are not cigarettes that can just be lit up anywhere and smoked. They are enjoyed in a particular environment among peers. There is a reason why it is considered more classy then the other thing.

So let’s talk about humidor wood boxes in this post.

humidor box


Basically to store and keep cigars around for a longer time you have to store them anywhere and we use a cigar humidor for it. Because they are not made of artificial material they require specific kind of storage to keep them fresh.

What we need is a humidity controlled box that maintains the humidity inside it at a certain level. Usually most cigars can be maintained at 75% humidity but this can vary sometimes. Depending on the box that you are storing them in.

Wood considered the best option to making a box for it because wood absorbs and holds more moisture. In it natural form it controls humidity inside the box keeping cigars fresh.

Apart from the fact that it contains humidity it, a different kind of wood known as ‘cedar wood’ also imparts its aroma onto cigar giving them a fresh new feeling.

Overtime there have been many tips and tricks about keeping and storing cigars but most of the time people have agreed that humidors are the best option to get.

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